How We’re Reinventing Special Interest Travel

Written by Thomson Safaris

Whether you are a member of a university, museum, studio, club, society or foundation, Thomson Safaris has been creating one-of-a-kind trips for our guests since 1981. We are devoted to Tanzania and only Tanzania, which means we can provide you with the most tailored, creative itinerary for what your group is interested in. It’s our home, your adventure.


Immerse yourself in the beauty of Tanzania, specifically tailored to an active lifestyle. Stroll through Thomson’s private Serengeti Nature Refuge, where you have complete control of your exploration with Thomson guides and the Maasai leading the way. One moment you could be walking alongside a magnificent zebra and the next, zooming your lens in on a mother giraffe and her calves. Interested in a peaceful respite? Awaken your senses with the sights and sounds of farm life, flora and fauna as you’re led through Gibb’s Farm into the Ngorongoro Forest. Experience all that Tanzania has to offer – feel the fresh grass beneath your feet and the warm breeze against your skin, and let Thomson be your guide.


wildlife viewing in tanzania with thomson
The wildlife of Tanzania has gifted us some of the world’s most breathtaking photography – so it’s only natural to design photography-specific safaris for our guests. Thomson has hosted a variety of photography groups, developing trips around their particular goals. Pairing aspiring photographers with professional instructors develops ideal conditions for creating the most captivating content; and with over 38 years living and working in Tanzania, Thomson guides collaborate with instructors to pin point the spots to snap the perfect shot – whether you’re looking for a baby elephant or a Grey Crowned Crane, they know the route to get you there.

Food Enthusiasts

A day exploring the Serengeti can produce quite an appetite, so indulging in a delicious meal back at camp is a true delight. James Beard award-winning chef, Jody Adams took her show on the road to collaborate with Thomson staff to cook for her guests. The group spent time at the Eastern Serengeti Nature Refuge, Serengeti National Park, Ngorongoro Crater and to conclude the trip, Adams led a day-long culinary session at Gibb’s Farm. Meals incorporated traditional Tanzanian cuisine for a western palette, with an Adam’s spin, of course.

& More…

We’ve also designed trips for students, professors, conservationists, yogis, scouts, alumni, astrologists and more. Whatever your organization’s interests, Thomson can create an adventure of a lifetime – the possibilities in Tanzania are endless.