Venture into

Tanzania’s wild

Step onto the plains of the Serengeti, traverse alongside migrating wildebeest, and allow the roars of distant lions lull you to sleep. This is our home: Tanzania, where wildlife entwines with village life in the country’s untouched reaches.


Beyond your

wildest dreams

From pink-plumed flamingos to big cats, you’ve dreamed of Africa’s wildlife for years. We’ve mapped your safari to get you up close to the most elusive of Tanzania’s wildlife—but the wildlife is just the beginning. Tailor your safari to all the experiences you’re chasing after, from authentic cultural interactions to unforgettable fare.

Welcoming you to

our home

After 35 years living and working in Tanzania, we know this country, its people and wildlife like family, and we know how to plan your perfect safari. This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience—you deserve perfection.