A love affair

with Tanzania

It was the late 1970s. Rick departed his home in New Zealand to discover what else the world had to offer while Judi traveled Southeast Asia with an all-female singing group, entertaining Vietnam War troops on a USO tour.

By 1981, their paths crossed: Judi had started a fledging travel company and was scouting Tanzania where Rick worked as a guide. Together, they thought they could operate a different kind of safari outfit, one that partnered with and valued the people who knew the country best, from the lay of the land to local customs and wildlife: Tanzanians.

Over the years, Thomson Safaris has grown into an award-winning, internationally renowned travel company. We’ve developed deep relationships with local communities and village elders, we’ve been recognized for our contributions to both the travel industry and the country of Tanzania, and we’ve had the honor of meeting icons like Jane Goodall.

We believe that tourism can and should be a force for good—a sentiment we embody every day, from eco-friendly Nyumba camps in the heart of the Tanzanian wilderness all the way to our solar-powered offices in Watertown, Massachusetts. It’s been over forty years and our journey continues—we hope you’ll join us.

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