Custom Land Rovers

The Land Rover Defender earned its stripes in the military, withstanding the most extreme conditions on the planet.

Capable of towing trucks out of the mud, running on the road for days, and off-roading through any condition, the Defender is as tough as its name sounds.

We considered that a starting point…


  • Pop-up roofs for 360º views with sun protection
  • Lowered seats for better viewing
  • Extended frames for extra seating with extra space
  • Space for 8 but we seat 6 so everyone gets a window seat every day
  • US-style outlets for easy battery charging
  • A custom-designed “snorkel” keeps the engine running underwater for worry-free river crossings
  • Specially selected seat belts, arm rests and high-density foam seats maximize comfort
  • Coil springs and long-range shock absorbers offer a more comfortable ride
  • Stabilizing bean bags in every vehicle so you can steady your camera for the perfect wildlife shot

These vehicles match power and comfort with efficiency as well. We use a small Turbo Direct Injection four-cylinder engine that makes towing easy and allows the vehicle to “idle on the smell of a pump attendant’s trouser cuff,” as Rick puts it.

Land Rover Defender in Ngorongoro Crater