From Zanzibar’s white-sand beaches to Rwanda’s gripping gorilla treks, you can continue uncovering the secrets of East Africa on one of our exciting safari extensions.

These treasures don’t exist anywhere else on the planet – enjoy them while you’re here!

A Bird's Eye View

of the Serengeti

Enjoy a 30-45 minutes balloon ride, a hearty breakfast and a glass of champagne when you land.

Call for current pricing. Advanced reservations required.

Mahale Mtn. National Park

Encounter playful chimps

Fly to the shores of Lake Tanganyika, along the westernmost border of Tanzania, and take a short boat ride to your exclusive camp, a luxurious hideaway tucked along the shore. Hike the misty slopes of the Mahale Mountains in search of free-roaming chimpanzees, grooming, feeding, and playing.

Recommended Stay: 4 to 5 days
From: $6,000 per person

Ruaha National Park

Track African wildlife

Fly to the remote wilderness of Ruaha National Park, one of the least explored parks in East Africa, where tracking is as much an art form as a practical pursuit. Explore uncharted territory by day, spotting leopard, cheetah and wild dog, and savor torch-lit dinners on the banks of the river by night.

Recommended Stay: 4 - 5 days
From: $4,000 per person


Spot endangered gorillas

Fly to Kigali, Rwanda and drive north to Volcanoes National Park. Journey on foot over wild, ungroomed mountain terrain in search of endangered mountain gorillas, of which only 700 survive worldwide. After your arrival, tour Kigali, including the world-renowned Kigali Genocide Memorial.

Recommended Stay: 4 days
From: $5,500 per person

Selous Game Reserve

Traverse a game reserve

Take a scenic flight to the world’s largest game reserve, spanning 12 million acres, where you’ll view the Rufiji River’s wildlife. Travel by 4-wheel drive, boat and foot and spot elephants, hippos, and crocodile in the riverine environment, while rare species like Greater Kudu can be spotted on the plains.

Recommended Stay: 4 days
From: $3,200 per person


Indulge in relaxation

Snorkel or dive in the clear blue Indian Ocean, or sunbathe for days on the pristine white-sand beaches of your resort. Spend a colorful day amidst the island’s bustling markets in the eclectic capital city of Stone Town, and visit historical sites from the centuries-old slave and spice trades.

Recommended Stay: 5 days, including 3 nights on the beach and 1 night in iconic Stone Town
From: $1,800 per person