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elephant in serengeti photo by paul joynson-hicks

Capture photos

like a pro

Good photos practically take themselves in Tanzania. But, of course, there is art and skill to great photography. A world-renowned nature photographer will lead this trip, helping you hone your craft and capture the best shots.

Photo-centric Trip Upgrades
  • Photo tips and training by Paul Joynson-Hicks
  • Maximum of 3 guests per Land Rover
  • Unlimited weight allowance for extra camera gear
  • Camera tech tents with generator and lighting at each Thomson Nyumba Camp
  • Boxed breakfasts provided for early AM start times

Paul Joynson-Hicks

Trip Leader

professional wildlife photographer paul joynson-hicks

Paul, although born in the U.K., has spent the last 25 years living and working as a wildlife and travel photographer in East and Central Africa. His work has been widely published and he has several wildlife and travel photography books demonstrating the breadth of his photography knowledge and diversity of his life experiences.

At the very heart of his photography is an exuberant passion for Africa and having travelled extensively throughout the East African region, Paul is fluent in Swahili, is a Tanzanian citizen and has an insightful perception of local cultures. He also has a deep and passionate interest in wildlife and birdlife adding an extra dimension to the photographic angle he brings.

Paul is also the founder of the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards, launched in 2015 to wonderful worldwide coverage with an overall aim of creating awareness of conservation issues. He was also part of the successful YouTube series Serengeti: One Day at a Time. Paul will chat to you before your safari to go over what you need to bring and any other photography related questions.


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