Bordering the Serengeti to the west and Lake Natron to the east, the Eastern Serengeti Nature Refuge offers a personalized experience of the region’s best wildlife and landscapes. This private, 10,000-acre area is a remarkable example of the importance of ecological conservation–and it is exclusively available to Thomson guests.

Here is one of the only places in northern Tanzania where you can stretch your legs on walking safaris accompanied by a wildlife scout. Together, you can explore the Serengeti backcountry in search of animal footprints and other signs of life. You can also witness nocturnal animal behavior during night wildlife drives, another activity that is restricted in national parks.

Giraffe populations are particularly dense here, so much so that an inspired visitor dubbed the area “Giraffic Park.” Other notable wildlife found here include wildebeest, eland, impala and even aardvark.

Neighboring the refuge is a real Maasai community – not a tourist boma – where the residents are happy to foster genuine cultural interactions in their own homes. Maasai elder Nekaaki Kioki is a grandmother and a fantastic storyteller, and she’ll sit you down by the campfire to share a folktale or two in dramatic fashion. Entrepreneurs from the Enjipai Women’s Group are also happy to talk about their intricately beaded craftwork and their lives in the community.

Thomson’s sister nonprofit organization, Focus on Tanzanian Communities (FOTZC), has worked on many successful projects in the area. Schools, teachers’ housing and a medical dispensary were all projects requested by the community and built by FOTZC.

The strength of the Eastern Serengeti Nature Refuge is its accessibility. Here, visitors can have a closer and more meaningful connection to the people, landscapes and wildlife that call the region home.


Where you'll stay

E. serengeti nyumba camp

Your camp sits on the slope of Moruga Hill with views of grazing wildlife during the day and fiery sunsets in the evening. Enjoy top-notch service from the camp staff, delicious meals in the dining tent, and comfortable amenities in your tent. Sit back with a cocktail or a book in the lounge tent, by the campfire, or on the verandah of your Nyumba tent.

Eastern Serengeti's Sights

nature refuge walking safari
walking safari with thomson
walking safari to giraffes
maasai women
view of nature refuge
giraffe drinks from water hole by camp
walking safari to serengeti
giraffes at nature refuge
walking with giraffes on safari
running eland
sundowners in serenegeti
maasai in serengeti
tanzanian school children
giraffe in eastern serengeti camp
impala in nature refuge
giraffes in tanzania

Experience it on safari

Ready to experience the Eastern Serengeti firsthand? Explore our safaris destined for the Nature Refuge.

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