Condé Nast Readers Name Gibb’s Farm Best Hotel in Tanzania

Written by Thomson Safaris

Anyone who has been to Gibb’s Farm (a destination many Thomson Safaris trips visit) knows that this working coffee estate nestled in the heart of the verdant Ngorongoro Highlands is a treasure. Set amidst an absolutely stunning landscape, the eco-lodge has been awarded time and time again for its luxurious accommodations, eco-conscious practices, and exceptional service.

We’re incredibly honored that Condé Nast Traveler readers agree that it’s one of the most amazing places in Africa. In the recent Reader’s Choice awards, they voted Gibb’s Farm the top property in all of Tanzania, and the second best hotel on the entire continent of Africa.

Gibb’s Farm has been around since way back in 1929, when it was founded as a colonial coffee plantation. Over the decades, the property has transformed into an eco-lodge, but the rich soil of the Ngorongoro Highlands has ensured that its first function—as an ideal location to grow exceptional coffees—has remained part of its identity. Today, guests have the opportunity to visit the coffee fields, see the process the beans go through before they can go into a brew…and of course to bring home a few bags of the plantation’s exceptional coffee!

Guests on a farm tour at Gibb's Farm

But that’s just one of the many factors that makes Gibb’s such an amazing retreat on safari. Organic gardens on the grounds provide unbeatably fresh food to guests, who can take guided tours around the property, or even rent bikes for a tour of the Highlands. Lodges with wraparound windows, private verandas, and luxurious outdoor showers are a home-away-from-home on safari. And service is white-glove (in all the categories CN Traveler readers rated, “service” tied for the highest spot at Gibb’s!).

Breakfast at Gibb's Farm

We’re proud to be able to send so many of our travelers to such a memorable, beautiful spot. We’ve always felt that Gibb’s is a little slice of paradise; we’re incredibly happy to hear that CN Traveler’s readers agree with us!

Gibb's Farm guest roomPhoto Credits: Michael Angelis