VIDEO: Go Behind the Scenes of a Nyumba Tent with Rick Thomson

Written by Thomson Safaris

nyumba tent tour with rick thomson

After 40 years in the Tanzania bush, Rick Thomson, one of the co-founders of Thomson Safaris, developed the perfect safari camping experience: the Nyumba. These tents were designed with extensive feedback from guests who shared what they wanted most on safari.

Follow Rick on his behind-the-scenes tour of a Thomson Nyumba: expect queen-sized beds, hot showers, private verandahs and more.

Tent Exterior

Rick walks you through the parts of a Nyumba that are easy to overlook but make a big difference in quality. The tent’s durability and aesthetics mesh seamlessly, providing the rustic touches of the bush with the comfort of home.

Tent Interior

Guests stay comfortable with high thread count linens, solar LED lights and custom-made bathroom amenities.

Tent Amenities

How does the shower work on safari? How do tents get serviced? Find out here.



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