Our Favorite Photos and Videos From 2018

Written by Thomson Safaris

We’re fortunate enough to bring a lot of skilled photographers and videographers on safari. The things these guests share with us are stunning.

So, we got together, scoured through hundreds of images and videos from the past year and picked out a few of our favorites. Enjoy!



giraffe herd in serengeti tanzania

Charlie Malingowski
The tallest mammal on Earth, the giraffe, will rarely sleep for more than five minutes at a time.

bull elephant in ngorongoro crater tanzania

Ron McAdow
It’s not uncommon to catch a photo of an elephant munching on roughage. They can eat up to 300 pounds of food in a day.

hippo in serengeti tanzania

Gabriel Barna
Hippos don’t have much hair, but they do have collection of stiff whiskers across the muzzle.

playful lion cub in serengeti tanzania

Kurtis Sutley
A lion cub’s first catch after a successful hunt.


dik-dik antelope in tanzaniaEd Ford
The dik-dik is one of the smallest antelope species in Africa. They’re also one of the few that often live in pairs rather than herds because they tend to mate for life.


baboon baby in tarangire tanzaniaJennifer Bresnick
There are five different species of baboons, all of which live in Africa and Arabia.


happy gorilla in rwanda Matthew Bennett
Roughly 1,000 mountain gorillas remain in the wild.


Great Migration

wildebeest jumps into mara river tanzaniaDon Hurzeler
Hungry and desperate, Great Migration herds will risk crossing croc-infested waters for food, creating some of the most dramatic moments on the Serengeti.


serengeti great wildebeest migration from aboveBenjamin Wadsworth
As the green season ends and the grass turns dry and gold, herds move north for food and water.



portait of maasai man in black and whiteBarb McFadden
The traditional robe worn by the Maasai is called a shuka.


jane goodall with thomson safaris guestsJim Moultrup
Perhaps the rarest safari photo in this list – a group shot with Jane Goodall.


portrait of datoga womanJason Zucco
The Datoga do blacksmithing, taking the scrap metal they find and making useful items that can be traded with other villages.


A fun fact about Maasai children: they really enjoy Snapchat.

school kids in eastern serengeti
Catherine Cook
Thomson and FoTZC staff recently visited a few schools in Tanzania. Here’s one of their favorite photos from the trip.



glaciers near summit of mount kilimanjaroJim Zimmerman
Kilimanjaro, just a short distance from the equator, is one of the only places in Africa with glaciers.


trekking kilimanjaro to the roof of africaAlexander Schumann
Kilimanjaro encompasses three different volcanic cones – Kibo, Mawenzi and Shira.


The award for this year’s Best Summit Celebration goes to…

And the award for Best Rendition of Toto’s “Africa”  During a Honeymoon goes to…


And here’s one of our all-time favorite videos from the trails of the Umbwe route.


thomson nyumba camp at ngorongoro craterPhil Mason
The Nyumbas on the eastern edge of Ngorongoro Crater are a favorite among our guests.

Brad Branham
But the tents with the best views are a little higher up.



flamingos with reflection lake manyara tanzaniaRudy Mui
Tanzania is home to perhaps the world’s most significant flamingo breeding ground – Lake Natron.


lilac breasted roller Mary Mann
The lilac-breasted roller, Kenya’s national bird, is a common sight on safari.


sunset at thomson camp in serengeti tanzaniaDavid Merfeld
The sunsets over the Serengeti are famous.


rainbow over serengeti national park tanzaniaMargaret Wells
And, if you’re truly lucky, you might see something more magical on the horizon.


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