Safari During COVID? Here’s What to Expect

Written by Thomson Safaris

family safari in tanzania

Tanzania remains open for international safari travel while we wait for the decline of COVID-19. What does this mean for you? We understand the decision to travel is a deeply personal once. Right now, we’re focused on providing the resources and information you need to help you make an informed decision.

So, when Kaddu Sebunya, CEO of the African Wildlife Foundation, took his family on the first Thomson Safaris trip in over five months, we had to hear how it went. Not only did the Sebunya family have an amazing time, their support staff proved they were prepared when it came to safety protocol. We collected insight and testimonies from the Sebunya family, and we’re here to pass it on to you.

Here are some of the precautions, protocols and experiences you can expect when you go on safari.

What is Safari Like During the COVID Pandemic?

In many ways, a safari in the Serengeti is the same as it’s always been. You can expect an amazing variety of wildlife and the fantastic solitude of the plains. We only ask a few things from you, many of which you are likely familiar with by now. You’ll need to present a negative COVID-19 test within three days prior to departure. And when you’re on your safari, you will need to:

  • Wear a face covering when you’re around people who aren’t in your “bubble.”
  • Wash and sanitize your hands often.
  • Maintain a social distance of at least six feet when around people who aren’t in your bubble.
  • Pledge to follow all other personal protocols outlined in the Thomson Promise. This code of conduct is designed with your safety, and the safety of those around you, in mind.

We caught up with the Sebunya Family after their safari to hear about their experience and what it’s like to be on the ground in Tanzania. Check out the video below to hear their thoughts.

What is Thomson Doing to Keep Safety a Priority?

The team in Tanzania has been working tirelessly to implement new health and safety protocols for staff, travelers and members of the community. These protocols include, but are not limited to, frequent vehicle sanitization, temperature checks and specialized accommodation cleaning. Read more about our staff’s Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) here.

Watch the video below to hear from Thomson Safaris General Manager John Bearcroft about the procedures they are implementing “from the time you step off the airplane.”

“It’s the new normal,” Bearcroft said. “We’re used to it, we’re comfortable with it, and we want you to be comfortable with it as well.”

What Were The Sebunya’s Favorite Safari Moments?

The SOPs the team has introduced are rigorous, but they’re not intrusive. Most of the precautions and sanitizing take place before and after you step into your safari vehicle. The safari itself remains almost untouched.

The Sebunya Family spoke excitedly about their trip: spotting lions on the hunt, roving zebra herds, scaly little lizards and beautiful vibrant birds.

Watch the video below to hear more about their memories from their first Tanzanian safari.

Learn more about how we’re adjusting to COVID-19.