Commitment to Our Community

The safety of our guests and staff is always our number one priority and informs all our decisions. In today’s uncertain landscape, we understand that travelers are more careful when managing their travel plans and may have a few more questions. We are here to support you every step of the way.

We continue to monitor the local and global impacts of COVID-19 and are updating our policies and actions accordingly. Click here to read a personal letter from our president, Ina Steinhilber, about how we are choosing never to lose hope.

Now more than ever, nothing sustains us more than the heartwarming feedback we get from our guests. Many have reached out, offering encouragement and sharing beautiful safari memories with us during this difficult time. Their words confirm our hope for the future, and by sharing them with you, we hope they keep your travel dreams alive, too.

No deposit for new guests planning future travel

We know many of you are still dreaming of Tanzania and are eager to begin planning. We’re just as excited to welcome you to our home, so we want to make the process easier than ever.

You can now book your future safari with no deposit until October 1, 2020. *

As with any travel, the anticipation and preparation are part of the fun; we want you to enjoy it without the stress that comes with the current unknown. Browse all of our trips through 2022 here. With so many guests postponing travel from this year to next, we’re already seeing many of our Summer 2021 trips start to sell out, so contact us soon to reserve your spot.

*This policy is valid for new bookings only. To confirm trip participation, guest agrees to pay a 20% nonrefundable deposit on or before October 1, 2020. Once deposit is received, standard Thomson Safaris Conditions apply. Offer ends October 1, 2020, at 11:59 p.m. EST. Additional exclusions may apply. Please contact us for more details and complete terms and conditions.

For our currently booked guests

If you are booked to travel in the next few months and are worried about the possible impact on your trip, you may wish to consider rebooking for next summer now, penalty-free.

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Reschedule, Don’t Cancel

You may have already heard this mantra being repeated by Travel + Leisure, Afar, Conde Nast Traveler and other travel experts. Rescheduling your trip instead of canceling is a great way to support small businesses like ours who want to be there to serve you in the future. It also supports the local economies of your favorite destinations, so many of which rely on tourism. Tanzania is no exception, and for many, responsible tourism provides a literal lifeline. There’s one more reason to postpone rather than cancel: as one guest put it, “I just need something to look forward to right now.”

Managing Flights

If you booked your flights on your own, please contact the airline directly to change or cancel them in accordance with your travel plans. If you booked your flights through Thomson, your trip manager will work with the airlines to change or cancel your flights. Please note that every airline has its own cancellation and refund policies, so we cannot guarantee you will be refunded.

Worry-free options

  • Many of our guests have chosen to move their trip to the same or similar dates next year for peace of mind. Should you decide you are not comfortable traveling now, we are allowing unprecedented flexibility: You have until 35 days before departure to transfer, penalty-free, to a future date. This applies for trips departing in 2020*.
  • If we cancel your trip, we will offer a 105% travel credit toward a future trip.**

*Please note that guests are responsible for any price differences that are incurred with their future trip. Please contact us for complete details.
**This offer applies only if your trip is already paid in full.

For our past guests

Many of our past guests have reached out to ask us for news about their guides, porters, camp crews and the Gibb’s Farm team. While North America hunkers down, what is life like in Tanzania? Over the coming weeks, we will be sharing stories and updates from our Tanzanian partners to reassure you that, like us, Tanzania is coping the best they can, and staying hopeful.

Click here to read a letter from the Gibb’s Farm husband-and-wife management team, Nick and Sally, about how they are taking care of the farm and farm staff during this time.

Commitment to the team

There are so many people who make your trip exceptional, and while we’ve all had to change how we work, we are still committed to doing our best.

In Boston, our staff has moved to working remotely full time. Zoom calls and daily instant messages have replaced in-person meetings and office chats, but we are all still working diligently to keep the safari dream alive for everyone in our community.

In Tanzania, guides, camp crews, logistics teams, the camping department and reservations staff are all working remotely. While the pandemic coincided with the normal hiatus in safari activity, we hear the guides are already eager to welcome guests back!

We encourage you to stay in touch with us!
We are available Tuesday-Thursday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. EST.