Do I need to bring a water bottle?

Yes! We’ve set up a safe and easy system to make sure you stay hydrated without resorting to single-use plastics.

Why is bringing a water bottle required?

  • Because it makes sense for the environment, it’s easy, and it’s safe!
  • Like so many places on the planet, Tanzania struggles with plastic waste. Plastic is often thrown out haphazardly because of a lack of waste management infrastructure.  This plastic can then litter the landscape or get into the water supply, posing a risk to both people and wildlife.
  • Without the proper infrastructure for recycling or managing waste, plastic is often burned, which releases carcinogens and other toxic pollutants into the air.
  • We care deeply about Tanzania, its people, its wildlife, and its wild places, so we’ve reduced our dependence on plastic by about 80%; we aim to be plastic free in the near future.

Is the water you provide safe to drink?

Yes! We will supply you with drinking water. The same company that supplies the single-use bottles available in stores, also supplies the 20-liter containers from which you will be filling your personal bottle.

Can I bring my own bottle?

  • Of course! You can bring any water bottle that works for you.
  • You could even use a bladder system like a Platypus, if that’s your preference.

How will I be able to keep my bottle clean?

  • Most people simply rinse the bottle with drinking water every now and then.
  • You can also clean the mouth or the outside of the bottle with a moist towelette each day.
  • And of course, you’re always welcome to have the kitchen staff wash your bottle along with the other dishes.

When can I get water?

  • Anytime! Your camps all have a large vessel of water in the dining tent or lounge tent, and you’re welcome to fill your bottle whenever you like.
  • There will also be 5-liter containers in the vehicles, so you can fill your bottle on the road, too.