Solo Travel

is it right for you?

Wonderful, perfect, personal, life-changing – our guests regularly tell us how incredibly rewarding solo travel is. About 10 percent of our guests travel by themselves, and they give the same stellar reviews other travelers do. Tanzania, its people and its wildlife inspire visitors regardless of group size.

If you’re wondering if solo travel is right for you, consider why many of our guests chose the Thomson experience to adventure independently.

solo traveler in tanzania

Small group sizes ensure you receive the thoughtful attention of the expert guides and staff. It also provides a welcoming setting for getting to know fellow travelers.

Private experiences are also an option for solo travelers. Schedule a trip for just yourself and a guide to experience the full breadth of what Tanzania offers one-on-one with an expert.

Intimate campsites provide a mix of privacy and opportunities for socializing. Enjoy a peaceful moment stargazing on your veranda or join your group for a warm conversation around the campfire.

A dedicated guide is devoted specifically to your group for the entire trip, giving you the guidance and peace of mind to focus solely on wildlife viewing and relaxing.

Passenger limits in safari vehicles exclusive to Thomson guests guarantee comfort and window seating. It also creates a pleasant bonding atmosphere for travel groups. Land Rovers seat six people maximum.

A single supplement at just 10 percent of the trip cost gives solo travelers their own room and amenities.


Need any more reason to safari independently? Here are some reviews from our solo travelers.

wildlife viewing in thomson land rover with elephants in tarangire

“It was a wonderful experience, and everything was done top notch. Although I had concerns going solo, in the end everything worked out beautifully and I wouldn’t change a thing.”

Melissa Gillespie

traveling alone to tanzania testimonial

“Being in the wild was a very surreal and humbling experience for me and one which I think we should all have a chance to take part in. I will never forget lying in my very comfortable bed hearing hyena and jackals just outside my tent! The group I was with (there were 11 of us) were wonderful, and I was a bit nervous about being by myself. My fears were certainly put to rest within the first few minutes of meeting them at the Arusha airport!”

Melody MacNeil

traveling alone with thomson safaris

“One of my biggest concerns for this trip was safety and I never felt unsafe. That’s a big thing for a female traveling alone.”

Megan Torbert

solo travel to tanzania testimonial

“It was the perfect trip – 5 stars all the way. The best vacation for me to date and I have done a lot of traveling over 40 years. Thanks again for a great safari and memories that will last for a lifetime.”

Richard Koss

tanzania safari with photographer jason zucco

“The entire experience was great. It was made so much more amazing being the only guest and enjoying it so personally with the entire Thomson crew.”

Matthew Forsyth

solo travel to tanzania

“Truly amazing and life-changing adventure. I was really nervous being the only one traveling with Mbaruku (my guide) but within one day I was very comfortable. I loved his sense of humor and felt very safe. I loved the cultural interaction and learned much about the people and their way of life. I was very moved by how welcoming everyone was and it felt genuine. Thomson Safaris is amazing and made my life dream of coming to Africa extra special!”

Debbie Orth