What Will I Eat on Safari?

Written by Thomson Safaris

Safari is an adventure for the senses. While the majestic wildlife will undoubtedly steal the show, some of the most memorable moments on your safari will happen at camp and around the dining table.

thomson chef cooking at grill

While you’re busy spotting lions, zebras and giraffes, Thomson’s chefs are in the kitchen creating delicious, fresh meals to take your taste buds on a safari of their own. Get ready to explore the savanna with a full (and happy) stomach!

What Will I Eat at the Nyumba Camps?

The Nyumba Camp chefs are passionate about sharing their culture with you through the unique spices and flavors of Tanzania. From local produce to freshly baked breads and desserts, it’s quite impressive what they can create in the small camp kitchens.

dining tent at ngorongoro crater camp


Each morning you’ll wake up to the sound of “Jambo Jambo!” and a freshly brewed cup of Tanzanian coffee or tea delivered to your Nyumba. You’ll find familiar options like pancakes, cereals, breakfast meats and eggs cooked to order are joined by local favorites like chapati (flatbread), uji (porridge made from millet or sorghum) and an array of fresh fruit waiting for you in the dining tent for breakfast.

coffee on tent verandah in eastern serengeti

breakfast at thomson serengeti nyumba camp


Alongside salads, quiches and fresh cold cuts, you might find stews with a hint of local spices, alongside grilled meats like chicken or beef.

food at thomson nyumba camps


Complimentary snacks like chips, nuts and dried fruit will be fully stocked in your safari vehicle for a quick bite on the road!

Cocktail Hour

Appetizers like samosas, spring rolls, popcorn and crisps are passed around as you unwind with a sundowner cocktail.

bitings at cocktail hour

sunset at ngorongoro crater camp


Dinners are a delightful exploration of familiar US and international cuisine with a Tanzanian influence. Every meal starts with a delicious soup, which our guests rave about (so much so that we have an online resource for soup recipes you can make at home!).

guests rave about soup at thomson safaris nyumba camps

Your main course will be a flavorful plate of fish, pasta or meat. Some of our guests’ favorite dishes include stir fry, barbecue and beef stroganoff. These dishes are often prepared with fresh, local ingredients and subtle hints of African spices like cumin, paprika and coriander. After dinner you can indulge in a house-made dessert like lemon meringue pie or a chocolate brownie.

grilled vegetables at thomson nyumba camp

dinner at thomson nyumba camp

dining tent in serengeti


What Will I Eat at Gibb’s Farm?

Steeped in history, Gibb’s is a functioning coffee farm established in the early 1900s. Since its beginnings, it has meticulously kept its 80 acres of farmland full of produce, herbs and livestock.

gibbs farm outdoor dining area

vegetable board in garden

At Gibb’s Farm you’ll indulge in fresh farm-to-table cuisine. All vegetables, fruit, herbs and spices are collected at their peak ripeness just hours before your meals are plated, allowing their natural flavors to shine. Gibb’s Farm designs its menu around what’s seasonal and local, offering unique and flavorful dishes that highlight the bounty of the harvest. Plus, you can look forward to a cup of freshly roasted coffee every morning as you watch the sun rise over the lush gardens.

gibbs farm farm to table cuisine

chocolate cake desert at gibbs farm


What Will My Kids Eat on Safari?

We know that kids like to have a say in what they’re eating, so let’s craft a meal plan together. If they want to eat exactly what you’re eating, let’s expand their taste buds! But if they’re avid lovers of chicken tenders with fries, or picky eaters who will only eat buttered pasta, we’ll accommodate their needs and preferences.

What if I Have Food Allergies?

No worries, just make sure you let your trip manager know beforehand. They’ll communicate your allergies to the chefs at each camp to make sure their kitchens are stocked with ingredients to make you your own spread.

What if I Have Dietary Restrictions?

We’ve got you covered! The Nyumba Camp Chefs are experts at cooking up delicious and nutritious vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free, kosher and halal meals. Make sure you communicate your dietary restrictions with your Trip Manager before departing. They’ll make sure the camp staff at each stop throughout your safari are ready to accommodate you!


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