Our Top 10 Instagram Photos of 2019

Written by Thomson Safaris

As 2019 comes to an end and we leap into 2020, we’d like to look back at Thomson Safaris’ most popular Instagram photographs of the year. All captured by safari-goers, these photos show that Thomson guests are pretty talented!

10. Lion crossing the road

Perhaps you’ve seen a cat, dog or even a turkey cross the road, but have you ever spotted a lion cross your path? Thomson guest Henry Huey has!

lion and thomson safaris land rover


9. The curious serval

Native to Africa, the serval is a medium-sized cat, approximately 2 feet in length and 25 pounds. Known for being quick and curious, Victor Nemeth was fortunate to spot one.

serval cat in grasses in tanzania


8. Nyumba sunset

Captured by Thomson staffer Kendra at her Nyumba Camp in Tanzania, she describes her safari experience in “A Love Letter to Tanzania.

sunset at thomson serengeti nyumba camp in tanzania


7. Zebra in a sea of wildebeest

The zebra’s distinctive black and white stripes truly stand out in this photograph by Benj Wadsworth.

zebras and wildebeests of the serengeti's great migration


6. Lion King

The “king of the savannah” namesake holds true in this captivating photo by Lane Rushing.

close up of lion taken by thomson safaris guest in the serengeti


5. The baobab tree

The baobab tree is an iconic fixture in Africa and creates a picturesque photograph, especially at sunset. Taken by Rick and Pam Frankle.

baobab tree at sunset in tarangire national park tanzania


4. River crossing mayhem

Tens of thousands of wildebeest cross the Mara River at one time during the annual migration between Tanzania and Kenya, but sadly, not all make it across. Photo by Matthew Bennett.

wildebeest falls off the banks of the mara river


3. The lines of an elephant

Snapped by Thomson guest and photographer Ed Ford, the elephant is the largest existing land animal (and perhaps the most photogenic, too).

african elephant closeup photography


2. Mara River migration

Thank you to Thomson guide Freddy for capturing this annual spectacle, the wildebeest river crossing, in Tanzania. Click through for the video.

great migration river crossing video by thomson safaris guide freddy


1. Dik-dik adorableness

Earning first place is the adorable dik-dik, also snapped by photographer Ed Ford. Known for their wide eyes and petite features, the dik-dik is a kind of small antelope, typically weighing just 10 pounds. Fun fact: This photo by Ed Ford has been among the top liked Instagrams two years running!

dik-dik are the smallest antelope in northern tanzania


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