Thomson Hosts U.S. Ambassador to Tanzania

Written by Thomson Safaris

Thomson Safaris was honored to host American Ambassador to Tanzania, Alfonso Lenhardt, his wife Jackie Lenhardt and USAID Environmental Officer, Gilbert Kajuna last week.

During his visit, the Ambassador officially opened construction of teacher’s housing in Sukenya Village, a project being supported by Focus on Tanzanian Communities and Thomson Safaris. In a speech to the students of Sukenya Primary School, he said,

“The school…and this wonderful structure that Thomson Safaris has made available will provide the opportunity for these youngsters to learn what is right about the world and how that knowledge can preserve the Maasai.  So sitting in this group are future doctors, scientists, engineers, any number of specialties and professions that will help the Maasai people.”

Ambassador Lenhardt also visited with the Enyuata Women’s Collaborative, a group of Maasai women who have progressively established several small businesses. Their initiatives have been supported by Thomson Safaris and Focus on Tanzanian Communities.

During the remainder of his visit in the Serengeti, Lenhardt gathered information on the proposed road to be built through the northern Serengeti and, on invitation by the Frankfurt Zoological Society, visited the newly repatriated rhinos from South Africa.

Balozi & Mengine 187_resizeLenhardt visiting the Sukenya Primary School 

Balozi & Mengine 102_resizeLenhardt greeting the Enyuata Women’s Collaborative in the Northern Serengeti