Project MEMA Safari for Tanzanian Kids

Written by Thomson Safaris

Tanzania’s stunning, unspoiled landscapes and impressive wildlife are truly a national treasure, but it’s a treasure that, too often, Tanzanians don’t get to share in. The majority of Tanzanians are still living on just a few hundred dollars a year, an income that puts the expenses of a safari—costs like park fees, the expense of paying guides and drivers, and travel to a national park—out of reach.

That so many Tanzanians have to miss out on the very things that make the country so exciting for tourists just doesn’t feel right, which is why Thomson Safaris recently partnered with Project MEMA (Make Education in Moshi Accessible) to provide four students with their first ever safari.

Students of Project Mema prepare for their first safari

Emanueli  (11), Beatrice (11), Asha (8) and Gifty (8) get ready to start their safari.

The students—Emanueli, age 11, Beatrice, 11, Asha, 8, and Gifty, 8—spent the day at Arusha National Park, spotting a wide variety of plants and animals.

The students were on the lookout for animals from the very start!

The students were on the lookout for animals from the very start!

Olive baboons in Arusha National Park

Among the many creatures they spotted were these olive baboons.

Over the course of the day, the group also enjoyed snacks and a picnic lunch, so that they wouldn’t have to stop the wildlife viewing early.

Lunch break in Arusha National Park

The kids take a break for lunch.

Some of the many animals they spotted were zebras, warthogs, giraffes, buffalo, and baboons.

Tanzanian students in Thomson Safaris Land Rovers

While Emanueli trains her binoculars on a flamingo flock, Beatrice looks up more information about the birds.

Tanzanian students see their first giraffe

This is the first time Emanueli and Beatrice got to see a wild giraffe!

All in all, it was an exciting trip for the students. Maybe a little too exciting?

All tuckered out

All that wildlife viewing fun will wear you out!