Mount Kilimanjaro

It is one of the world’s seven summits with 19,341 feet of elevation, three volcanic peaks, five climate zones and over 140 species living on its slopes. The best part? Safari-goers and trekkers need no technical skill to climb Kili, and you can easily pair summit bids with safari extensions.

The highlights

  • Known as the “Roof of Africa,” Kilimanjaro is also the tallest freestanding mountain on Earth
  • Hike through five distinct climate zones, from thick rainforest to frozen Uhuru peak
  • Spot the towering ice walls of the mountain’s disappearing glaciers
  • Experience a thrilling trekking achievement that requires no technical climbing skill or specialized equipment

Experience it on safari

Ready to experience Mount Kilimanjaro firsthand? Explore our treks destined for Africa’s highest peak with an extension from Thomson Treks.