Migration Update

Written by Thomson Safaris

Professional photographer, Andy Biggs, just returned from leading two back-to-back Photography Safaris  in Tanzania. He searched out the large herds of the Great Migration in the southern plains of the Serengeti and was lucky enough to witness four kills.

Andy sent us an update on where he found the migration and where they might be heading. See below.

On Feb 24, we saw a nice congregation of wildebeest and zebra in and around the Gol Kopjes on the southeastern short grass plains, and when I returned to the area on March 5 the migration had moved mostly into the areas south of Ndutu. The game around Ndutu, especially in the swamps to the west, was full of migratory animals, as well as all three big cat species.

We did search for larger herds to the north, and finally found a large pocket west of Makoma Hill. When we moved camp to the central Serengeti, an extremely large chunk of the herds were definitely there. We saw them pouring into Seronera from the west, and we spent the last few days (March 9 – 13) only photographing the big herds in and around Seronera. We even witnessed a pride of lions with 4 successful wildebeest hunts in a 24 hour period. 3 of the hunts were within a 20 minute period at a single water source. It was absolutely amazing, and my travelers were excited to witness such unique sightings.

I believe the migration is split between the southern short grass plains and the central Seronera valley, and if it rains heavily in the next week we may see the migration congregate again down in the south.