Meet the 2018 Thomson Safaris Advisory Board

Written by Thomson Safaris


How do you build the ultimate safari experience? Listen to your guests!

We believe in continuous improvement, and guests provide the feedback that shows us where to start.

The Thomson Safaris Advisory Board is especially helpful in these efforts. This dedicated group of past guests provide guidance on everything from the events on our itineraries to the cover shots we use on our catalogs.

Tanzania is a life-changing place. The members of the board found that magic – much like we did 36 years ago. They’ve made it their mission to help spread the word about their adventures and share its wonder with the world.

As we welcome 2018, we also welcome 18 new members to the board. Take a moment to meet our new safari advisers here and our new Kilimanjaro advisers here.


What makes this group special?

The best advice often comes from experts. In the travel industry, the experts are those who travel constantly, collecting experiences and ideas from different hotels, lodges, outfitters, parks, attractions – you name it.

Calling the Advisory Board well-traveled would be an understatement. The new members bring overwhelming globetrotting experience to the table, having visited an average of 20 countries each. They know exactly what separates the good trips from the best trips, and they make sure we only organize the latter.

They aren’t just travelers either. They are doctors, physicians, family adventurers, artists, professionals in hospitality, gourmands and, well, the perfect group for a travel company to bounce ideas off!

We look forward to innovating, growing and learning with them.