Safari Lions: How Close Can You Get?

Written by Thomson Safaris

No, this is not a challenge. Please do not test how close you can get to any lions.

With some luck, you won’t have to try too hard anyway! We’re fortunate enough to receive hundreds of pictures of close encounters with Africa’s biggest cat. Each of these shots was taken by a Thomson Safaris guest.


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Credit: @Ashley Kingcade

If you don’t Instagram your safari, did it even happen?

close to lions on safariHow do you upgrade your selfies? Just add more lions!

view from land rover windowThomson staffer Carolyn Hardy was inches away from this catnap.


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Credit: @Thomson Safaris

Our favorite kind of catwalk photo shoot.


lion with cubs on safariSome much-needed family time between hunting and prowling.

lions cubs on safariTanzania’s most powerful predator has to start somewhere.

lions by thomson safaris land roversTraffic is ferocious on the plains.

family safari lions in ngorongoro craterOne reason “please keep your hands and arms inside the vehicle” is great advice.

lions in tree on safari in serengetiThe majestic lion tree blooms year-round in the Serengeti.

lion under safari vehicleLions love to relax in the shade by the Land Rovers.