Let’s Step Forward, Together

Update during COVID-19

Written by Thomson Safaris


We’re really in the thick of things, aren’t we?

It seems that every day brings new hope and – more often than not – new challenges.  While those challenges test us, they remind us that even in the thick of it, we’re moving one step closer to a world that is once again ripe for exploration.

As we forge ahead, we’re reminded of how endlessly kind, trusting and resilient our past and future guests are. Even as we remain isolated across the world, we’re actually weathering this storm together.

For our past guests, we know you’re doing your best to support family, friends and colleagues at home, which is why it means so much that you continually take the time to inquire about our well-being and the well-being of all the people you met in Tanzania. It shows how travel connects us not merely to a place, but to its people.

And then there are our wonderful upcoming guests who have not yet experienced Tanzania’s endless warmth and beauty! We applaud and honor your desire to keep the dream alive. Out of everyone scheduled to travel in 2020, 63% of you have chosen to postpone your trip to next year, and 30% of you have chosen to keep your plans in place as we wait for this disease to run its course.

These firm commitments speak volumes about how much you value the service we provide.

You may not even realize that by keeping your commitment alive, you are not only championing your personal dreams, and supporting our company; you are saving an industry that is critical to Tanzania’s economy. Responsible tourism is a literal lifeline that provides employment, food and education for communities, and also fuels conservation efforts that protect the world’s most magnificent wildlife.  Your commitment and ours is critical to minimizing the impact of this mean and opportunistic disease.

It’s been said so many times before, but we are truly, deeply, inextricably all in it together.

Let’s continue our collaboration.  And even when it’s hard, let’s take another step forward together. Because hope is stronger than COVID-19.

From our family to yours,
Ina Steinhilber
President of Wineland-Thomson