“It is hard to describe what Africa does to you. It washes the soul. It centers you.”

Written by Thomson Safaris

It is hard to describe what Africa does to you. It washes the soul. It centers you. It does all those things that sound like cliches which are very real to the western psyche, perhaps the African one as well. To me it seems as though the “modern” world can’t begin to understand the African perspective.

Empathize, perhaps, but there is a woven connection to nature that Americans would be hard pressed to connect to. The weather, the animals, the spirit of the land is part of the everyday for those who live in the bush. Heading out after 12 days of bush we know we will head into a culture shock of sound and human activity. I understand why people go back to safari (journey) again and again.

Perspectives of life and death become ingrained in the process of everyday living. Life is a challenge to rise up to, for both animals and humans, finding food, toting water, doing what you need to survive and to make the most of the life you are given. Every animal life here, vultures, hyenas, elephants and birds seems to have a purpose in its connection. Again the clichĂ© – the Circle of Life is never more evident as Tanzania, and probably Africa in general.

We saw such a small part of this country but we have seen so much. So much. 50 kinds of animals, 135 kinds of birds. As you drive along in the safari jeep you sometimes crush against wild basil or lemon grass or other aromatic plant that releases its scent. As a result the clear air is filled with smells, sometimes animal laid organic and sometimes aromatic. As the animals walk through the grasses they also release the natural smell. The very air is a wonder.

Thanks again for your superlatively professional organization.

Lee C., Private Safari