Guests Share What Made their Second Safari Meaningful

Written by Ali Riley, Thomson Safaris Creative Director

rick and martina on walking safari

Thomson guests Rick Genter and Martina Keinath first went on safari with Thomson six years ago. They recently went on their second one and had an experience so memorable they wrote us a special letter expressing their gratitude. Today, we’re sharing their letter, detailing their delightful experience in the Serengeti, at Gibb’s Farm and with their guide, Nasibu.


Dear Thomson,

Arriving at the eastern Serengeti was like returning home. We only saw smiles; we loved everything about it: the food, the staff, hanging out at camp, enjoying a beer and watching all the grazing animals at the waterhole.

When we met Nasibu at the airstrip in the eastern Serengeti, we knew right away we were in great hands. Nasibu’s knowledge and passion were superb. His humor and his eye for photos were fantastic. We could not be more complimentary–Nasibu was the perfect guide for us.

bush breakfast with nasibu and jonah

The wildlife was much more active on this trip than it was six years ago. Last time, we saw wildlife from our camp while having breakfast. This time the wildlife was in our camp!

giraffes at Thomson's eastern serengeti camp

And we had a very special experience during our walking safari in the eastern Serengeti. Nasibu suggested that we sit down for a while on the ground to watch what the giraffes would do. Slowly, they came closer and closer, very curious. Martina’s favorites are giraffes, and we watched at least 12 of them. They were so lovely. After about 20 minutes, we got up and continued our walk. Four of the giraffes followed us for another 20 minutes. It was such a special time.

giraffes in eastern serengeti

The Northern Serengeti: what a fantastic team Thomson has! The staff was so caring, welcoming and fun. We continue to be amazed at how comfortable the Nyumbas are. The experience was exactly what we hoped for and so much more. The food was delicious, and the variety was impressive in both camps.

thomson safaris camp staff

Again, Nasibu put together a great agenda. It was the perfect pace: a mix of early morning wildlife viewing, experiences in the camp and well-placed mealtimes. He was flexible and spontaneous, respectful of the areas we visited and the wildlife encounters we were fortunate enough to see, including a leopard enjoying his snack, the Great Migration and three cheetahs eating on their kill.

leopard in serengeti tanzania

And then we were back to Gibb’s farm. We love this place! Our cottage at Gibb’s was the most beautiful cottage ever: huge and so well appointed! Everyone made us feel special, especially the restaurant service staff. At one of our luncheons and at one of our dinners, they had set up a table outside at the fireplace. It was romantic and very special.

cottage room at gibbs farm

The food at Gibb’s is unbelievably tasty. Every bite is a joy. We would love to go on and on about Gibb’s, but this letter would get too long. We did want to say we loved talking to Sally and Nick, the owners of Gibb’s Farm, one evening; I think we solved the world’s problems that night.

dinner at gibbs farm

In all seriousness, it was inspiring to hear about the different projects Gibb’s is involved in and to learn about the individual stories of some of the staff members. Thank you, Gibb’s; we will be back.

Finally, we know the logistics for this trip were incredibly complex. We now believe that there is nothing that Thomson can’t plan. Thank you again for an amazing experience. It was truly a once-in-a-lifetime trip.

Rick & Martina