New Face at Gibb’s Farm Will Make You Squeal With Excitement

Written by Thomson Safaris

From its award-winning aesthetics to its unparalleled sustainable farming methods, Gibb’s Farm in Tanzania is one of our favorite places to bring guests. Now, there’s one more reason to fall in love with the charming oasis: piglets!

The pig house is the newest addition to the property. The first litter was born in January, and 6 piglets now officially live at Gibb’s Farm – meaning these piglets’ home is your dream vacation!

About the Pigs

The pigs are fed farm kitchen and food waste, as well as feed grown on the farm or in nearby villages. Pigs typically give birth to 10-12 piglets, but as this was the mother’s first litter, it was smaller than usual.

“All are doing well and Miss Piggy is being a very good mama!” said Lee-Anne Beurich, Assistant General Manager at Gibb’s Farm.

Sustainable Farming

In addition to the pig house, everything on the farm — 30 acres of coffee, 10 acres of vegetables and fruit, and 5 acres of flowers and herbs — is grown or raised organically with no harmful pesticides and only natural fertilizer and compost.

That’s one of the many reasons why Gibb’s has won numerous accolades, such as the Tanzania Tourist Board’s 2011 Sustainable Tourism Award.

view of sustainable gardens at gibbs farm



If you’d like to check it out for yourself, view our safaris that include a stay at the award-winning farm and we’ll plan your trip!