Behind the Scenes at Thomson’s Arusha Headquarters – Part 2

Written by Thomson Safaris

judi wineland at the thomson safaris arusha office

Thomson co-founder Judi Wineland recently took us on a behind-the-scenes look of Thomson’s Arusha headquarters. She’s going behind-the-scenes again to explore Thomson’s camping department!

In this post, Albert, Thomson’s Camping Division Store Manager, shows Judi a few areas of the Arusha headquarters where camping equipment is stored and maintained. This is just a taste of the extensive operation Albert manages–it’s too much to see all at once!


Tent and Furniture Storage

Thomson’s Nyumba tents and most of their furniture are stored at the Arusha headquarter’s container hangar. In the video below, Albert and Judi look over some of the only camp furniture that isn’t currently out in the bush. They also check out the solar boxes that generate light in every Nyumba tent.


Linen Room

Every camp needs lots of linens. Sheets, towels, bed skirts, curtains, napkins, tablecloths, wall hangings, duvet covers…we could go on!


Laundry and Ironing

All that linen means a ton of laundry. Then, ironing.  Shown here are the pressing of bed sheets and tent curtains.


Kitchen Gear

Here, Albert and Judi show off a taste of the kitchen items (and more!) you’ll see on safari: glassware, flatware, plates, utensils.