A Bed for Every Student: FOTZC’s Mission in Soit Sambu

Written by Thomson Safaris

soit sambu secondary students in tanzania

Children’s laughter echoed through the village of Soit Sambu last October, when board members from the nonprofit organization Focus on Tanzanian Communities (FOTZC) visited. The kids joked and chatted as these volunteers checked in on past FOTZC projects, like the teacher’s house and girls’ dormitory.

But the laughter faded as the schoolmaster led the volunteers to the boys’ dorm. When the door swung open, a realization hit–something was off.

dormitory at soit sambu secondary school in north tanzania

The dorm was built to house one student per bed–but the boys were sleeping two to three to a bed every night, the schoolmaster explained. This was because Soit Sambu had received an influx of families looking for better educational opportunities, and the dorm was struggling to accommodate.

“It was immediately evident that there was not enough student housing,” Debbie Hornberger, FOTZC Board Vice President, said. “A new boys’ dormitory became a top priority for the school and for FOTZC.”

FOTZC quickly got to work with the leaders of Soit Sambu on a new mission: to build a new boys’ dormitory.


FOTZC’s Plan

For over 25 years, Thomson Safaris’ sister organization, FOTZC, has partnered with Tanzanian communities to provide transformative advances in healthcare, education, clean water and women’s empowerment. The requested dormitory at Soit Sambu is the next chapter in that legacy of good.

FOTZC recently created a fundraising campaign for the construction of the new dorm–and then exceeded the goal in less than six weeks. Thanks to the support of their generous donors (most of whom are past Thomson guests), 120 boys will soon get to sleep in their own beds and study in their own rooms.

“We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our many FOTZC supporters who are providing the boys at Soit Sambu Secondary School a safe place to live and study,” Bonnie Clendenning, FOTZC Board President, said. “Your investment in their futures will empower them to reach for their dreams while creating a brighter tomorrow.”

This success is exciting, but the work isn’t done. FOTZC is now raising funds to furnish the dormitory after construction is complete–and they need your help.


How You Can Help

Donations are now needed to support the acquisition of beds, bedding, mattresses, lockers and drawers for the new boys’ dorm. These items will play a vital role in improving the quality of life and education for the 120 students who will live there.

“Attendance rates and test scores improve with well-equipped dorms,” Ann Przygocki, Editor of the annual report for FOTZC, said. “And the boys will be thrilled to do homework when there’s not six in a room. They’ll be thrilled to sleep in a bed of their own.”

Show your support with a donation to FOTZC. FOTZC appreciates every contribution, no matter the size. And because FOTZC board members travel at their own expense and, alongside a charitable foundation, cover all administrative and fundraising materials, 100% of your donation goes directly to projects in Tanzania.