5 Reasons You Should Give the Gift of Travel

Written by Thomson Safaris

give gift of safari lion cub


The best gift you can give is a meaningful life experience, filled with warm memories of the people and places that shaped it. What life experience makes a better gift than the gift of travel?

While it’s normal to buy material gifts for those you love, it’s extraordinary to give them something timeless. Here are five reasons to give the gift of travel to your loved ones this holiday season.

1. Travel is Scientifically Proven to Create Happiness

When we create novel, happy travel experiences, we forge stronger bonds that improve our relationships and emotional wellbeing.

“We know from a large body of research that people derive more happiness from experiential purchases – travel, meals out, concerts – than they do from clothing or electronic goods or material possessions.”

– Amit Kumar, Professor of Psychology, University of Texas, in Elemental

Put another way, experiencing the world and feeling visceral new emotions naturally leads to greater happiness. The time you spend in those experiences also promotes brain health, inspires lifelong positivity and creates feelings of gratitude.

2. Travel Memories are Yours Forever

Gadgets and toys come and go, but travel experiences stays with you forever. They become embedded in your being, helping you see the world and its people with greater compassion and care. They also help you create memories with loved ones that last a lifetime.

That’s the beauty of safari travel: it’s nostalgia-in-the-making.

lions on safari in tanzania

Thomson Safaris strives to make every trip a transformational, elevated experience. We take pride in our ability to deliver this for travelers of every age. For years after a safari, your time in Tanzania’s plains, craters and gardens will remain vivid in a way objects won’t.

maasai and girl on family safari

Those of us who have been on safari still have strong memories of the experience. Our stories go something like, “I saw my first cheetah sitting in a bush just six feet away!” and “On day four of my safari, I woke up in the northern Serengeti to find a herd of elephants in camp. It was magical.”

animals in camp on thomson safari

3. It’s a Personalized Idea

Nothing says “I care about you” like sharing an international vacation. Few other gifts allow for such special, uninterrupted bonding time, time you can use to come closer and share in a multitude of exciting experiences, sights and emotions. To travel with loved ones is to be in commune with the world and each other; it is to share in the delight of all that is new.

4. You can purchase gifts in your destination

If you want to round up gifts for future occasions during your travels, it’s always easy to grab trinkets, shot glasses, or fridge magnets from just about any souvenir shop. For a gift that’s handcrafted, made with care and attention, you may have to look a little harder–or trust the right people to help you find them.

thomson safaris staffer angela

On a safari with Thomson, you can meet Maasai businesswomen who work in a variety of trades: beadwork, beekeeping and leather tanning, among others. Their products are available for purchase during a Tanzanian safari, meaning you can obtain a thoughtful, handmade gift that also supports small, environmentally friendly businesswomen in Tanzania. A win-win!

5. When you trust travel professionals, it’s as easy as shopping for any other gift

Travel experts like Thomson Safaris have decades of experience planning transformational travel itineraries for anyone of any age group, interest or experience level. Because travel should be hassle-free; we’ll book the hotels, meals, experiences and guides. You just show up for the fun.

When you work with professionals, you get the peace of mind of knowing you are taken care of.


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