5 Reasons to Take the Serengeti Hot Air Balloon

Written by Thomson Safaris

hot-air balloon over serengeti at sunrise
There’s a generous supply of life-changing moments on the Serengeti plains, but one experience soars above the others in terms of memorability.

Serengeti Balloon Safaris brings guests on unforgettable hot air balloon rides, and it’s one of the best ways to view the wildlife unobtrusively.

Thanks to its gentle winds and predictable weather patterns, the Serengeti offers perfect hot air balloon conditions nearly every day of the year, so it’s an option for almost any trip.

If you asked us for five reasons to jump in a basket and take off, we’d probably share the following.


1. See a Sunrise You’ll Never Forget

best sunrise over serengeti from hot-air balloon
Sunrise and sunset on the Serengeti are nothing short of legendary, and riding in a hot air balloon is a great way to see the former. Liftoff is at sunrise.

Better yet, early morning is one of the best times for wildlife viewing because animals are at their most active in the cooler dawn hours.


2. Greater Views of the Great Migration

Taking in the majesty of the Great Migration can feel a lot like looking for the forest through the trees. On the ground, it’s easy to get lost in a sea of wildebeest and lose the big picture.

With a bird’s eye view of the herds, you won’t have that problem.


3. Fly With the Best

serengeti hot air balloon viewSerengeti Balloon Safaris isn’t just a well-known wildlife treat, it’s an internationally known ballooning outfit. Operating for almost 30 years, it has flown some of the largest balloons in the world, according to BBC Worldwide.

Every detail has been fine-tuned, right down to the “stealth” burners that allow the balloon to quietly drift above the wildlife.


4. Where We’re Going, We Don’t Need Roads

To preserve the Serengeti, Tanzania National Parks requires vehicles stay on designated trails. It’s a popular policy –  it protects the land and wildlife and ensures the beauty of the park is saved for future generations.

That means ballooning is one of your best opportunities for “off-roading.” Explore outside the trails, float over rivers and get a new perspective on secluded areas. The video above from Thomson staffer Nicole Scherr shows exactly what we mean.


5. Two Words: Champagne Breakfast

champagne in serengeti after hotair balloon flight

english breakfast in serengeti

A wise man once said, life is just a series of champagne breakfasts separated by unremarkable events.

Passengers celebrate with the Serengeti Balloon Safaris crew by popping a few corks and sitting down for a hearty breakfast in the plains – not a bad way to start another day in paradise.