10 Last-Minute Gifts that Give Back

Written by Thomson Safaris


These presents and stocking stuffers aren’t just great gifts for a loved one; they benefit good causes, too!

1. Clothing by The Elephant Pants

Celebrate the giving season with the fanciest pants around. The Elephant Pants donates a portion of its proceeds to charitable organizations devoted to saving elephants. In fact, $1-2 of every item sold goes to the African Wildlife Foundation’s elephant conservation program.

apparel gifts for elephant lover


2. Luggage by Away Travel

Five-star suitcases with built-in USB chargers for cheap? Not bad. Luggage that supports peace efforts in war zones? Say no more. Away partners with Peace Direct, an organization dedicated to stopping war one person at a time. Their network of local partners has helped nearly 15,000 people in war zones lead safer lives.

luggage with usb charging for phone

Please note, Thomson Safaris’ trips use soft-sided duffel bags only. 

3. Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater and Kili Shirts by Thomson Safaris

All proceeds for our T-shirts go to our sister non-profit, Focus on Tanzanian Communities (FoTZC). Celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, FoTZC has built schools that serve anywhere from 15,000 to 20,000 students, a small health clinic that sees over 500 patients per month, and is currently drilling fresh water boreholes that will deliver clean water to roughly 3,000 people in Oloipiri Ward.

You don’t need more shirts? All proceeds from our Safari & Trekking Gear store go to FoTZC, too.


4. Photos from the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

Find the funniest photos from the world of wildlife photography all in one book! Authors and award founders Paul Joynson-Hicks and Tom Sullam explore the hilarious photos that don’t make it into the nature magazines. Ten percent of the proceeds go to the Born Free Foundation – an animal advocacy group.
comedy wildlife photography awards book

5. Hoodies, pullovers and more from Ivory Ella

The weather outside is frightful, so grab some “Good Clothes for a Good Cause.” Ivory Ella donates 10% of its net profits to Save the Elephants. Get a sweater and save some wildlife!

apparel gifts for elephant lover


6. Sweets and handicrafts from Heifer International

For the loved one with a sweet tooth and a gentle heart, Heifer International provides gourmet chocolates and coffees that make perfect stocking stuffers. Heifer has an interesting story, too. It uses donations to purchase livestock for hungry, impoverished families, giving them a sustainable source of food and income. Do you want to cut to the chase and gift a goat yourself? Heifer has you covered.

charitable gifts for holidays heifer

7. Glassware and beadwork by Shanga

Shanga operates in Arusha, Tanzania, but it’s known worldwide for its beautiful crafts and incredible service. It employs more than 70 people with a wide range of disabilities. Its proceeds go to the Shanga Foundation, which provides medical equipment, training and support to workers with disabilities in Arusha.

artisan gifts from tanzania from shanga

8. Artisan Tanzanian Crafts from The Little Market

There are female artisans around the world making beautiful handmade products to generate whatever income they can to support their families. Those artisans find a marketplace with The Little Market. A nonprofit itself, The Little Market uses its revenue to expand its partnerships so more women can earn money through their craft.

artisan gifts from tanzania


9. Make JRO a Daily Destination

Throw pillows, mugs, tote bags, luggage tags, magnets, phone cases: all with our favorite airport code, JRO – Kilimanjaro International.

JRO Kilimanjaro International swag from Airportag


10. Anything You Want Using Amazon Smile

Maybe someone gave you a wish list, and maybe that wish list isn’t filled with glasswork, handicrafts and clothing from charitable businesses. Luckily, Amazon Smile lets you buy anything you want and donates a fraction of the price to charity. Join in at smile.amazon.com and search for Focus on Tanzanian Communities.

amazon smile for Focus on Tanzanian Communities


THE BEST GIFT IDEA: A Life-Changing Adventure

Thomson Safaris was built on the belief that tourism should be used as a force for good. Planning a safari or Kilimanjaro trek with us ensures you benefit born and raised Tanzanians first and foremost. Tourism provides a vital source of revenue in the country. It funds conservation efforts in national parks, generates income for the people and gives us the opportunity to fund health, education and women’s empowerment projects through FoTZC. Don’t underestimate the incredible good you can do with the gift of travel.

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