Thomson Safaris and AWF Join Forces

We are proud to partner with the African Wildlife Foundation (AWF), an organization developing wildlife compatible partnerships that benefit the people of Africa. At Thomson Safaris we’ve had a similar mission for the last 30+ years — to deliver remarkable safaris for guests that are also respectful of the land, people, and the wildlife of Tanzania.

AWF develops partnerships with the goal of advancing conservation work in Africa, from protecting critical habitat and endangered species to developing sustainable enterprises that enhance the livelihoods of people who share their lands with wildlife.

This joint effort will help ensure tourism continues to be beneficial to Tanzania. Most importantly, this relationship further supports work that Thomson Safaris is already doing in Tanzania as part of community-supported development initiatives.

Our partnership is a collaboration born out of our mutual desire to conserve Africa’s unparalleled natural wonders. Together, we look forward to doing our part to conserve the continent’s natural majesty.