Tanzanian Food: Traditional Dinner Served at Thomson Camp

Written by Thomson Safaris

tanzanian dinner at thomson safaris nyumba camp

Tanzanian foods like Chapati bread and Kachumbari salad are part of the traditional Tanzanian meal served at Thomson’s Ngorongoro Nyumba Camp


On a Tanzanian safari, the focus is on the majestic wildlife, the breathtaking beauty that is the Serengeti, and experiencing nature in a way you never have before. But that’s only the beginning of what Tanzania has to offer. Want a taste of everything Tanzanian? There’s no better place to start than delicious traditional Tanzanian foods.

The Thomson camp chefs are trained to prepare western staples and upscale safari favorites, but they also serve up a traditional Tanzanian feast that lets you experience the local culture in a brand new way!

A meal of traditional Tanzanian foods starts with a soup course, featuring local ingredients and spices. The main event comes when you get to the main course, however:

grilled shish kabobs are part of the traditional Tanzanian meal Nyama choma on the grill

Nyama choma, a popular grilled chicken or beef dish, is served alongside classic Tanzanian dishes such as Mbaazi Nazi (pigeon peas in a thick, rich coconut sauce), Ugali, (a cornmeal staple not unlike polenta), Chapati (a simple grilled flatbread), and Kachumbari (mixed salad). The Thomson staff even makes their own potato chips to serve alongside these Tanzanian favorites!

Traditional Tanzanian meal at campComponents of the traditional Tanzanian meal including nyoma choma, kachumbari salad, rice pilaf, chapati bread, pilipili hot sauce, and bamia (okra dish)

ugali is a traditional Tanzanian foodUgali is a simple starch made from cornmeal or corn flour (similar to a stiff polenta); it is a staple in Tanzania


Of course you’ll want to leave room for dessert, especially when our chefs are serving up delicious Kaimati, dough fritters coated in a warm honey syrup.

Tanzanian dessert served at the Thomson Ngorongoro camp

With such a wide variety of unique, delectable Tanzanian foods on offer, a traditional Tanzanian meal offers a safari for your taste buds!