Things That Won’t Change About Your Safari

Written by Thomson Safaris

We can’t wait to welcome you back to Tanzania. Although some things have been adjusted (see our new Standard Operating Procedures), there are some things about going on safari that won’t change…


The Beauty of the Sunsets

elephant herd in the serengeti at sunset

There is no better way to cap off a day in the bush than by grabbing a sundowner and gazing across the plains. Each night the sky is set ablaze in shades of crimson, coral, and canary, and that view can’t be changed or canceled.


Sounds of Wildebeests Outside Your Tent

The wildebeest, like the rest of the animal kingdom, follow nobody’s rules but their own. They might want to be right next to your tent, or across the grassy plain – either way, they’ll make sure you can hear them.


The Bond With Your Guide

thomson tanzania guides

Even though both of you may be wearing face masks at times, and you might not be able to see his warm bright smile, that won’t stop your guide from sharing his incredible wealth of knowledge. You’ll still chuckle at his jokes, share stories of your life with him and end up feeling like he’s part of your family!


Your Proximity to the Wildlife

thomson safaris land rover in serengeti with lions and great migration

While we can’t guarantee how close you’ll get to anything, past guests have found themselves close enough to elephants to hear the flaps of their ears, close enough to giraffes to see their eyelashes and close enough to lions that they could almost reach out and touch (but didn’t!).


Size of the Serengeti

serengeti great wildebeest migration from above

Long before the days of social distancing and staying 6 feet apart, we were marveling at the size of the Serengeti and how small and far from others we felt within its borders. At 5,700 sq. miles (roughly the size of the state of Connecticut), there’s a reason its name means “endless plains.”


The Swahili You’ll Pick Up

learning swahili on safari

The guides and camp staff love teaching our guests Swahili. From the simplest “Jambo!” Or “Asante!” To the more complex, ‘Poa kichizi kama ndizi ndani ya friji’ (cool like a banana in the fridge!), you’re sure to come back with fun phrases to show friends and family.


Your Land Rover

tanzania photo safari with thomson

Our lives may have been put on hold for a few months – but that doesn’t mean the weather in Tanzania was put on hold. So whether there are rivers to cross or ditches to avoid, you can be sure that Thomson’s customized Land Rover can handle it.


Pictures You’ll Capture

photo safari in tanzania

Regardless of if you’re shooting with multiple lenses on a DSLR or snapping selfies with your iPhone, you can still take as many pictures as your heart desires (or, at least as many as your memory card allows). You’ll be able to relive your safaris for years to come.


Coffee at Gibb’s Farm

gibbs farm coffee

Our favorite eco-lodge in the Ngorongoro Highlands is also a working coffee plantation! So even while the lodge was quiet without visitors, there were still beans to grow and roast. That means a delightfully aromatic, fresh, steaming cup will be waiting for you!



There’s so much to love about going on safari in Tanzania, whether you’re looking to join a small group, or have a private adventure with your own guide a vehicle.

Call or email, and we can share more of our favorite things that will still be there waiting for you.