The Five Best Reasons for a Private Safari

Written by Thomson Safaris

private safari in tanzania

Your exclusive group on your exclusive trip: can a private safari get any better? We say “Absolutely!” A Thomson private safari comes loaded with perks that enhance the experience for everyone.

Read on for five reasons guests love our private safaris, apart from the wildlife, landscapes and guides!


Enjoy an Exclusive Vehicle and Guide 

kristina and steven on thomson safari tanzania

On a private safari, you’ll have your own dedicated guide and vehicle (or, multiple guides and vehicles, depending on the size of your party).  That means no sharing with other guests – just the friends and family traveling with you. And your guide, of course, but they’ll be just like family by the end of the trip!

Having your own guide and vehicle also offers more flexibility in how you’d like to spend your days. Do you want to sleep in one morning, and start a little later? No problem! Want to spend an entire day focused just on spotting cheetah and leopard? You got it! Your guide will make sure you stay on track and get to your camps on time, but otherwise, the days can be flexible for what your group is most interested in.


Pick Your Preferred Dates

wildebeest jumps into mara river tanzania

Thomson will work with you to find exact dates that work for your schedule. We set specific departures for our small groups, but we know those don’t work for everyone! Whether you’re working around school and camp dates or specific time off for work, our consultants can help find availability and options to work for you.

Maybe one of our classic itineraries looks great, but is just a day too long – or you wish you had one more day in a certain park. With a private itinerary, we can shape and customize the itinerary to exactly what you’re looking for.


Select Your Level of Luxury

luxury tanzania safari

On a private safari, you’ll have options when it comes to the type and level of accommodations you stay in. Do you picture yourself in an intimate, eco-friendly tented room, where you can still hear the wildebeest outside? Or do you envision stepping into an infinity pool, and being treated to a massage at the end of the day? Wherever your trip falls on the comfort scale, we can help find the perfect fit. Even if you’re not sure what you want, we can explain the differences, tell you what other guests choose, even share our own favorites from our trips.


Take to the Sky or Explore by Foot

walking safaris in tanzania

Although safaris, by nature, will have you spending a lot of time in our customized Land Rovers, there are other ways to get around as well. On a private safari, we can mix and match these styles to best fit the pace that suits you. All of our itineraries include at least one internal flight, but some guests may choose to add  another to optimize their time in certain parks and lodges. You can even choose a Flying Safari, where you’ll only use vehicles for wildlife viewing, and all transit will be by small plane!

You may also want to incorporate some active elements or exploring on foot to offset all the time in your vehicle. It could be as simple as a walking safari in a Private Nature Refuge outside of the national parks, or as extensive as several days trekking and camping along the Great Rift Valley.


Celebrate Special Moments

private dining in the serengeti

On a private safari, your consultants can include experiences and upgrades to take your safari to the next level. We can suggest ways to make your private safari even more memorable, such as a private candlelit dinner overlooking the Serengeti to toast an anniversary or a Swahili-serenade to mark a milestone birthday! Popular upgrades include hot air balloon safaris, an extra night in Arusha to acclimate or even extensionsto places like the beaches of Zanzibar!


Are you ready to start thinking about a private safari?

Contact one of our safari consultants. They’ll find out more about you and your interests to start crafting the perfect private safari itinerary.