Take a Tour With Us Through Camp

Written by Thomson Safaris

The Nyumba Camps are a unique piece of the Thomson Safaris experience. We want to show you why.

The best safari camp will do a few things:

  • It will bring you close to the wildlife for a wholly authentic experience.
  • It will provide amenities, food and service that will make you feel comfortable and welcome.
  • It will celebrate the area’s culture with experiences you can’t find anywhere else.

Here’s how we bring those philosophies to life at camp.


Move with the Wildlife

nature walks on thomsons refuge

Our camps are seasonally rotated to bring you as close to the wildlife as possible. It’s an experience lodges can’t mimic. Permanent accommodations can’t move with the herds, and consistent human traffic can scare wildlife away.

And as a special treat, most of our trips include a stay in a private nature refuge exclusive to Thomson guests. In this refuge, unlike the national parks, guests are welcome to take night drives to see the nocturnal wildlife and leave the vehicles to enjoy walking safaris.


Places to Get Together

best guides in tanzania

Community is everything in Tanzania. It’s one reason the people are so friendly and outgoing. In that spirit, the camps all have a warm place to share the events of the day with your group and your guide – for the kids to learn and for you to enjoy the company of new friends.


Some Time to Get Away

romantic dinner tanzania

Of course, some may prefer a private moment together. Let the Serengeti sunset be your backdrop during a candlelit dinner on the plains. Accommodated on request.


Food You’ll Never Forget

Speaking of dinner, you’d be hard-pressed to find a menu better than the one at camp. Made for a Western palate, inspired by the flavors of Tanzania, every meal is made to exceed your expectations. Special diets accommodated by request.


People Who Enrich the Experience

Time and time again, our guests tell us their favorite moments were with Tanzania’s people. That’s no surprise to us. Our connections with the people run deep, and we love sharing their culture with visitors, whether it be through song and dance or a morning jog.


Moments to Clear Your Mind

Perhaps yoga is more your speed. There’s nothing quite like meditating in the middle of the wilderness. The yoga platforms at camp are a perfect place to gather your thoughts and immerse yourself in the surroundings.


 Nights to be Remembered

Nights at camp hold some of the best moments to stop and consider where you are. The sounds of buzzing cicadas and droning lions, the sight of countless stars overhead – let them fill your senses. Every night is a life-changing experience.