Our Top 12 Photos of 2020

Written by Thomson Safaris

top photos of 2020

Why stop at just the top 10? These photos and videos (all taken by Thomson guests!) received so much love on our Instagram this year, we want to look back at the dozen that dominated!

12. Rover under the Rainbow

Can you imagine what kind of wildlife treasuring is waiting at the end of this rainbow?! If you want to catch magical shots like this on safari, make sure you pack your camera bag well!

serengeti rainbow over thomson landrover

what camera to bring on safari


11. Heather Conquers Kili

When Thomson guest Heather G. took this photo on Kili four years ago, she had no idea she’d go on to compete in The World’s Toughest Race: Eco-Challenge Fiji. If you haven’t already, read her incredible story here!

how climbing kilimanjaro changed my life with heather gustafson

how kilimanjaro changed my life


10. Mom and her Cub

It’s a great day on safari when you can capture the love between a lioness and her tiny cub. Did you know Thomson Safaris actually guarantees a lion sighting on every safari?

lion cub in serengeti tanzania

see a lion on safari in tanzania


9. Top of the World

Those perfect blue skies, crisp white snows and smiling happy faces… Who wouldn’t want to escape to the Roof of Africa right about now?!

jumping at summit of mount kilimanjaro

climb kilimanjaro in 2021


8. Wildebeest in Action

There’s a reason they call the Great Migration the greatest show on earth! We’re endlessly fascinated by all the different images our guests capture of this exciting spectacle.

wildebeest crossing mara river in tanzania

river crossings of the great migration in tanzania


7. Female Strength

Have you ever seen a lioness look so majestic and intimidating? Thanks to a bit of extra time in quarantine, this photo got some editing work to make it even more striking.

strong lioness in serengeti tanzania

photo editing with lightroom


6. Exuberant Porters

We never get tired of singing the praises of our porters, just as these porters are singing for their trekkers! They work harder than anyone else on the mountain and deserve all our appreciation.

kilimanjaro porters singing

kilimanjaro porter challenge


5. Up Close and Personal

We love how much this elephant towers over this safari group! Elephant encounters are our favorite, like some Paul Joynson-Hicks had while shooting “Serengeti Safari: One Day at a Time“.

elephant towers over land rover in ngorongoro crater

paul joynson-hicks interview


4. Zebra Butts

Who knew zebra butts could be this photogenic? And if you’re a fan of cute things that come in twos, make sure you check out these other precious pairs.

zebra and foal in serengeti

animals that mate for life


3. Climbing Kili From Home

This video is the climax of our “Climb Kili From Home” series. Thomson guests Judith and Stephanie climbed in September 2019 and vlogged their whole journey to share with us!

kilimanjaro vlog summit day IGTV

daily kilimanjaro video log


2. Sleepy Leopard

Oh to be as happy as a leopard snoozing in a tree! Did you mistake him for a cheetah at first glance? Better brush up on ways to tell them apart!

leopard seen on hunts photo safari in tanzania

difference between cheetah and leopard


1. Giraffe on the Move

We’re glad our guests are as intrigued by the way giraffes run as we are! Whether by rover or on foot, there are plenty of ways you can observe these lovable creatures on safari!

giraffe running in serengeti tanzania

private safari in tanzania