Our Top 10 Photos of 2021

Written by Thomson Safaris

top photos of 2021

Nothing could stop our intrepid guests from snapping some incredible shots during their time in Tanzania. Let’s look back on 10 of the most beloved photos that we shared on Instagram in 2021–all taken by Thomson guests!


10. Lion hunt in crater lion hunting zebra in ngorongoro crater

Talk about a standoff! The drama of the hunt is one of the most exciting experiences on safari. Who’s going to move first!?


9. Kili summit 

sunrise at the summit of mount kilimanjaro

A sunrise summit on Mt. Kilimanjaro is a colorful experience: from atop the mountain, black silhouettes contrast a burst of orange on the horizon and the pastel blue above. The only thing more breathtaking than this photo might be the trek itself!


8. Elephant trunk 

elephant closeup

Packed with over 40,000 muscles, an elephant’s trunk is a powerful multitasking appendage. Its uses? Smelling, breathing, trumpeting, grabbing, drinking…and delivering flowers to their favorite safari friends.


7. Kili and Clouds, bird’s eye view 

birds eye view of kilimanjaro

Two of Kili’s three peaks rise through the clouds in this photo, the tallest of which stands at 19,341 feet above sea level. Nothing but crisp blue skies on the Roof of Africa!


6. Lion closeup 

closeup of male lion in tanzania

Talk about a portrait! A voluminous mane, patient gaze and battle-scarred nose offer this lion a sense of strength, resilience and reverence.


5. Cheetah peek 

cheetah behind tree in serengeti

The way this cheetah peeks from behind a tree looks like something out of a cartoon! At the same time, this photo captures its spots and texture in exciting detail.


4. Scott Farber’s Make-a-Wish trek 

camp during kilimanjaro trek
Scot Farber was intimidated by Mt. Kilimanjaro. He had never climbed a mountain, or hiked, in his life. But nothing would stop him from trekking Kili for Make-a-Wish, raising one dollar for every foot he climbed – a goal of $19,341. Read Scot’s story here.


3. Migration update

mara river crossing

Our guests got some splashy shots at the Mara River this year when herds of wildebeest began wading through the water. The mayhem of the their movement makes for an exciting scene on safari!


2. Lilac breasted roller

lilac breasted roller in tanzania

This stunning little bird has vivid rust-colored cheeks, a green crown, lilac breast and a blue body. It’s called a roller because its mating display often includes aerial stunts. It adds a pop of color to just about anywhere in the Serengeti! Here are 10 stunning birds you can see on safari.


1. Stars over camp 

nighttime photography at thomson safaris camp

Starlight in Tanzania looks especially incredible in this photo. It left us wondering how photographer Toby Gelston got that shot–so, we asked him!