Our Pledge to Do Better

Written by Thomson Safaris

we are together in swahili

In recent days, words have failed us. We have tried hard to craft the most sincere, most heartfelt, most well-meaning words of empathy and shared outrage.

It finally dawned on us that the time for words is over.

We don’t have all the answers or next steps yet, but we know for certain that as we slowly come back from the pandemic, we cannot return to the same old ways. The travel industry has long been a mostly white community, and we are a part of that. There are no explanations or excuses. The travel industry needs to do better. Here in Massachusetts, we at Thomson Safaris need to do better.

We pledge to take the following steps, RIGHT NOW. And we pledge to continue backing up our good intentions with deeds that matter more than mere words.

  • Actively seeking out diversity in our hiring process
  • More inclusive marketing
  • Speaking against racism the moment it comes up
  • Providing resources to staff in the form of books, articles, podcasts and movies to educate ourselves

Tuko Pamoja, in Swahili, means “we are together.” It means a shared sense of purpose, empathy and motivation within a group that transcends mere agreement. We will continue to look for concrete ways to improve and hold ourselves accountable so that we can truly be together.

We rarely bring politics into travel, but this isn’t about left or right, red or blue; it’s about humanity. Here are some ways you can act that we’ve collected from friends, family and colleagues:

Donate: Color of Change
Read: How To Be An Antiracist by Dr. Ibram X. Kendi
Listen: Seeing White
Sign: We Are Done Dying
Watch: 13th (Ava DuVernay) available on Netflix

See more suggestions here and we welcome your ideas as well.


From our family to yours,
Ina Steinhilber
President of Wineland-Thomson