Singing Farmhands, Goat Castles and a 70-Year-Old Garden

Written by Thomson Safaris

Tucked along the outer slopes of the Ngorongoro Crater is Gibb’s Farm, the historic, serene sanctuary where many Thomson guests unwind post-safari. Upon first glance, you’ll be instantly overcome by the lush greenery, tranquility and a true sense of comfort. But, after a walk through the vast farmland, you’ll discover that Gibb’s Farm is so much more than this.

The History

Originally developed by a German duke in the 1920s to use as a coffee plantation, the land was then purchased by the Gibb family in 1948, where wife Margaret Gibb created the expansive vegetable and flower gardens that still flourish today.

aerial view of gibbs farm gardens

Today, the Wineland-Thomson family owns and operates Gibb’s Farm, where the team continues to cultivate both the organic farmland and warm hospitality.

The Farm

The farm is home to chickens, pigs, cows, goats, sheep, geese, ducks and donkeys galore! The animals are fed the freshest feed and greenest grass, and get all the love and attention from Gibb’s staff and guests (How could you not? Look at that face!)

happy pig at gibbs farm

goat in gibbs farm tower

Join this friendly team in the farmyard, where you can learn how to milk a cow, collect eggs for the kitchen staff, feed the pigs, donkeys and goats. You may even be greeted by Andrew, who manages farm operations. He, along with Lohay, Daniel, Maruna, Kelvin, Atanasia and Stefano make up the team that provides the purest form of farm-to-table dining. Listen closely, you may even hear Stefano singing sweet melodies to the cows as he milks them, a fact that guests and staff alike love to report back.

farm team at gibbs farmLeft to right: Lohay, Daniel, Andrew, Maruna, Kelvin, Atanasia

If you think you’re having a grand time at Gibb’s, just ask one of the pigs dining on organic produce. Or, check in with the cows regarding their daily opera performance. Even the goats have their own lux castle-like accommodations! It’s a labor of love on the farm; if you think farming isn’t your bag, the one at Gibb’s might change your mind.

The Gardens

Just up the path from the livestock, you’ll find the vast gardens, originally created by Margaret Gibb back in the 1940s. Everything from white cabbage to beetroot to coriander is grown right here, then whisked off to the kitchen, where all of these fresh ingredients are deliciously prepared within your meals.

vegetable garden at gibbs farm ngorongoro
These meticulously farmed gardens are managed by Pius, along with Paskalina, Hablye, Victoria, John, John and Awe.

garden team at gibbs farmLeft to right: Paskalina, Hablye, Victoria, John, Pius, John, Awe

As one of the top travel lodges in all of Africa, Gibb’s Farm brings together luxury accommodations and top-notch farming to create a truly unique oasis. One guest describes:

“When you arrive, the view takes your breath away. The gardens are beautiful and all the produce from this coffee farm, organic vegetable garden and goats, cattle and pigs are used to produce fantastic meals… Absolutely brilliant!”