A Day in the Life on Safari

Written by Thomson Safaris

A chorus of birdsong at breakfast. Thousands of wildebeest at lunch. Lions, elephants and cheetahs all afternoon…yeah, a day on safari is pretty spectacular, to say the least!

And that’s just the beginning. Travel with Thomson, and your day is packed end-to-end with perks that take the experience from “Wow” to “WOW!”

You start and end each day in exclusive Nyumba camps, situated in the thick of nature–meaning you literally have a front row seat to the wildlife, from the moment you wake up to the second you fall asleep.

Thomson’s custom-designed Land Rovers have a legendary reputation in Tanzania for being among the most rugged and comfortable. With pop-top roofs, guaranteed window seats and unlimited mileage, you can sit back and focus on what matters: the wildlife.

Your guide is with you every step of the way, spotting animals and offering his wealth of knowledge about the flora, fauna and history of Tanzania. Friendly, fun, entertaining and insightful–many guests develop strong bonds with their guides that last well beyond safari.

And at the end of every action-packed day, you can retire to your lounge tent and enjoy sundowners while you wait for dinner. The night ends by candle light or campfire as you head to your tent for a restful night’s sleep.

In the morning, your safari adventure beings again!

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