7 Photos of the Serengeti, the World’s Most Beautiful Place

Written by Thomson Safaris

elephant herd in serengeti

Serengeti National Park was recently named one of the 50 “most beautiful places in the world” by Condé Nast. Surprised? We’re not!

There’s something hypnotizing about the Serengeti’s endless plains, waves of grass and vivid sunsets. It’s in the top 50, but we really think it should take the no. 1 spot. Look at a few of our guests’ photos and you’ll understand why.

The Serengeti’s distinct acacia trees dot the plains and give it this unique, exotic character.

green season in tanzania

Guests often ask about the “best” time to go on safari.  Most of the year is perfect for an adventure, and you’ll have to choose between the lush green season or the serene and gripping dry season. Here’s what you might see during the former.

dry season from serengeti balloon

And here’s the dry season, with its endless waves of golden grass and massive herds.

serengeti road and clouds

The short grass plains stretch to the horizon everywhere you look giving the park a profound sense of openness and space.

kopje is a rocky outcropping in the plains of the serengeti

That openness makes the park’s numerous islands of rocks – also called kopjes – stand out in contrast.

serengeti nyumba camp

You don’t have to go far to take in its beauty on safari. In fact, a jaunt over to your doorstep is often enough.

elephant at sunset from tanzania photo safari

The days are filled with exciting scenes, but you’ll see some of the best at sunrise and sunset.


And if you keep an eye out for a little longer, you’ll see more stars than you ever knew existed.