10 Things We learned in 2021

Written by Thomson Safaris

sunset with acacia in serengeti

Dear Travelers,

Happy holidays to you and yours! As we gather to spend time with our loved ones, we are expressing our amazement with the wild ride of a year that 2021 was. There was so much to learn from, so many inspiring points and uplifting stories, that we wanted to give them a spotlight.

We invite you to reflect with us on some of the most useful, insightful and incredible things we learned in 2021.


1. Vaccinations are Game Changers

We knew asking guests to vaccinate was the safest way we could return to exploring the world together. What we didn’t know was just how many of you were ready to come back once we implemented our 100% vaccinated safaris.

vaccinated thomson safaris staff

2. The wildlife in Tanzania is extraordinary with fewer people

“Once-in-a-lifetime” and “abundance” are two terms that comes to mind when we see photos from 2021 safari guests. One guest, David McKay told Thomson that when he was on safari, “There were 70 elephants crossing by us in the sunset. It was insane.”

elephants at sunset in serengeti

3. Thomson guests remain incredibly kind and supportive under stress

In the face of potential delays and flight hiccups, you stayed calm and considerate while we helped you find solutions. This flexibility went a long way for our team, and we’re so thankful for it.

guests at airstrip

4. Responsible tourism is more important than ever

We’ve seen what a special role responsible tourism plays when it comes to providing stable jobs, food, education and funding for conservation initiatives in Tanzania. It’s times like these when we can feel especially good about what we do: your commitment to travel helps save an industry critical to Tanzania’s economy.

students with teacher in new haymu classroom

5. We missed working together so much!

Hopping on a group Zoom call is one thing, but it pales in comparison to being side-by-side in the office!

thomson staff in watertown office

6. Influential Tanzanian leadership makes an impact

Tanzania’s new leader, President Samia Suluhu Hassan, has demonstrated what an active response to the pandemic can look like. She was named on Forbes’ list of the World’s Most Powerful Women in 2021 thanks to her instrumental role in implementing safety protocols and providing vaccine access in Tanzania.

tanzania president

7. Travelers are making the most of their travels

Travelers are squeezing everything they can out of their plane tickets, and who can blame them? Extensions to Zanzibar, Rwanda, and Victoria Falls up the wow-factor for any trip.

beach at zuri zanzibar

8. Even in low times, Kili trekkers are reaching new heights

All of us keep our dream vacations sorted in a mental bucket list. In 2021, Thomson helped plenty of aspiring trekkers check Mt. Kilimanjaro off of theirs! We’re amazed by their tenacity–not to mention the commitment of the staff, cooks and guides who helped them get there.

thomson guest at mount kilimanjaro summit

9. So much can change in 40 years

2021 marks the fortieth anniversary of Thomson Safaris, prompting us to look back and discover just much has changed since the early days. We’ve gone from sleeping bags to queen-sized beds, from behemoth Bedford trucks to fully customized Land Rovers… safari was so different back then!

10. We have every reason to be excited about the future

Despite all that’s changed in our forty years, the most important things remain the same. The essence of our safari and Kilimanjaro experience are as powerful as ever. They are the heart and soul of who we are. As we prepare for 2022, and heck, another forty years (2061!), we’re not going to lose sight of what’s important.

thomson safaris celebrates 40 years of sustainable tourism

Happy holidays from our family to yours,
Thomson Safaris