What makes Thomson exceptional is the staff

I’ve done two safaris with Thomson. The first was a scheduled group safari, the Ultimate Safari. It was during the beginning of COVID and we caught the last flight back to the US. Thomson was incredible in ensuring that everyone got flights back as soon as possible since we were schedule for later flights. The members of the group were a lot of fun and we still stay in touch.

jon on walking safari in serengeti with maasai guide

male and female lions

The second time was recently. I did a private safari for 3 weeks and requested the same guides I had on the first trip. I had two guides, one for driving and one for spotting. It was the best experience I have ever had.

What makes Thomson exceptional is the staff. They are warm, friendly, and very attentive. I cannot say enough good things about the guides. They know the animals: they know their habits, where they can be found and their ability to spot them is amazing. There were many occasions that I did not see a thing and they would stop, get the binoculars and show me where to point the camera.

The food at the Thomson camps is incredible, always 4 courses and the flavors need to be experienced. What the cooks do with primitive kitchens is nothing short of amazing!

Gibb’s Farm and is truly a resort and breaks up the tented accommodations. Great cottage rooms, fresh food, (it has a farm on property) and fantastic service. On one night, the dining menu didn’t appeal to me and the chef came to my table and made a few suggestions and ultimately made a special dinner.

There are other providers that provide similar safaris but at higher prices; in my opinion, Thomson Safaris give the best for the price.


Jon McNeilly
Private Thomson Safari

All photos taken by Jon McNeilley

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