Seasoned travelers can’t say enough positive things about their safari

maasai visit thomson guest at nyumba camp

The trip was amazing. We are seasoned travelers and have been all over the world. This is our third trip to Africa for safari but the first in the Serengeti. I can’t say enough positive things about it.

First, Thomson has over 40 years of experience in doing this and it shows. Every aspect of the trip was thought out in great detail and there were zero hiccups. No wasted time, but plenty of time to soak in the whole experience.

Second, the three camps we visited were each incredible in their own right. Very different but each worth seeing.

thomson guest prepares for hot air balloon ride in serengeti thomson guests in hot air balloon in serengeti

mark with thomson guide harrison at ngorongoro crater viewpoint

Third, the staff is awesome. Your guide is the key to the whole thing and we were fortunate to have Harrison as our guide. He is both a great person and great guide. To say he can multi-task is an understatement. He drove the very difficult roads, answered our endless questions, pampered us, and yet while doing all this could spot animals miles away that we never would have seen. He is a great asset to Thomson, and I suspect Thomson knows that.


In addition, the staff at the camp were superb. If you want a lesson in leadership just watch Camp Manager Hussein (J4). Superb at customer service, leading his team and deflecting any credit to himself and instead giving it to his team.


Fourth, the Serengeti. Wow. Everything you expect it to be and more.

Highlights were the balloon ride over the Mara River (it’s safe… I worry about everything, and it’s safe), seeing the Big Five, the night drive and seeing animals we had never seen before, AND we saw four, yes four hunts by lions. Three were thwarted by the prey figuring out what was happening, but we did see five lions stalk an Impala about 100 yards in front of us. They took an hour, surrounded her, then caught her and devoured her. Pretty incredible to see. I could go on and on.

One more thing. The food is great. My wife is a vegetarian and they more than accommodated her.

The trip exceeded our expectations on every level.

Mark Parkinson 
Founders’ Safari

All photos taken by Mark Parkinson

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