Safari has been my lifelong dream

Going on safari has been a dream of mine since I was a little girl. Thank you for this amazing life experience.

We traveled to 4 camps, 2 in the Serengeti, one at Ngorongoro Crater, and one at Tarangire National Park. All the camps were lovely. Service was impeccable. Food was delicious. Accommodations were attractive and comfortable. Your staff is amazing, they treated all visitors like family.

barbara with serengeti camp crew

Ojukwu (OJ) was more than just a guide; he was part of the group, just as excited as we were to see the animals. He was so knowledgeable about animals, plant life, birds, culture, and history, and he was funny too.


He was also a great driver. At one time, we missed a lion napping by the road. There was no place to turn around on the narrow road so he actually backed up the vehicle until we got where we needed to be. He was by far better going in reverse than I am going forward!

The special touches at each camp were much appreciated. Hot coffee or tea brought to your tent each morning was perfect, as was the pot of hot water for washing your face in the morning. The hot water bottle placed under the sheets at the Crater camp, was perfect on a damp night.

zebras and wildebeests in road in tanzania lion in grasses in serengeti

barbara with tarangire camp crew

And Thomson really takes our safety seriously. Traveling alone, I was usually in tent number one which was by the dining tent. Even though I had a flashlight, and not far to go, someone always escorted me to my tent.

Sometimes it was one of the guards from a nearby village with their spear or machete. Once it was a young woman with a rifle. Animals have been known to come into camp but I never felt less than perfectly safe. I truly loved every minute and if they’d let me set up camp in a baobab tree, I would be there still!

Thank you Thomson, for this most wonderful experience and all the best to your amazing employees.

Barbara Thompson
Wildlife Safari

All photos taken by Barbara Thompson

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