Where is Eliza?

Written by Thomson Safaris

Eliza from our Boston office just wrote to us this morning to tell us about her latest Tanzania adventure.

She’s on the tail end of her third Thomson Safari, this time with her parents and three siblings in tow!

Eliza is one of our predeparture experts, so she spends 5-days-a-week helping guests from all over North America prepare for their adventures. She loved this brand new experience of sharing all that passion for Tanzania with her family.

After some terrific wildlife viewing, the whole family took three days to volunteer their time (and more than a little elbow grease) at Ganako Secondary School in Karatu. They rolled up their sleeves, picked up some shovels, and worked side by side with members of the community on building a new kitchen and dining area for the school. Many wheelbarrows and shovelfuls of gravel later, they had a solid foundation laid.

Here’s a photo of Eliza and the entire crew at Ganako. We’ll keep you posted on the finished project, but in the meantime, everyone here wants to congratulate Eliza and her family on a job well done!