“This was the most AMAZING ADVENTURE we’ve ever had!”

Written by Thomson Safaris

From the time that Robert picked us up at the airport to our last lunch at the River House where we said goodbye, the trip could not have been any better!  Robert, as well as our other guide, Mustapha, were very attentive to our needs and particularly to my mom.  They always helped her in and out of the vehicle, made sure we had the closest tent to the eating area and had her sit in the front in the car to make it easier to get in and out.

Mustapha nicknamed my mom “Bibi” (Swahili for “grandmother”) and it stuck for the entire trip!  I love the name so much that if I ever have grandchildren, I would like to be called that.  Our group learned so much from Robert and Mustapha and it was apparent that both have a great respect for the animals and their habitat.  The only question that Robert couldn’t answer was “what kind of cheese” was it when we stopped for lunch one day!  Both were wonderful hosts as well as the staff at all of the camps.

We saw so many animals that it felt like we were in a Disney movie or on a National Geographic photo shoot!  I think our group would agree that one of the most exciting things we saw were the thousands of wildebeest crossing the river.  We witnessed a crocodile take a wildebeest down only to let it go a few seconds later; we saw a mama cheetah with her two cubs; two black rhino very far in the distance and many, many more animals!  We couldn’t believe that each day was better than the last one!

It was always fun spending the day together with our guides and the other 8 people in our group.  We formed friendships and truly enjoyed each other.  The journals were very helpful and fun.  Some brought theirs along with them during the day while some wrote in them before cocktail hour.  It is a great way to remember the trip and all of the many things we saw and did.

The food was exceptional and we were quite impressed with the hot meals served in the middle of the Serengeti!  The tents were everything and more than we expected and we loved our hot showers after a day in the wild!

Thank you again for all of your help in preparing us for what ended up being the biggest adventure of our life!   Everyone involved in our trip were great! I recommend Thomson Safaris to anyone who is interested in a safari!

Wendy J., Classic Safari