Safari Animal Calls with the Guides in Tanzania

Written by Thomson Safaris

lion roar in serengeti tanzania

Lions don’t just roar. And forget what you’ve heard about laughing hyenas. It’s more common for these nocturnal predators to make a different sort of noise.

After a few years leading safaris, you tend to memorize the different animal sounds you hear on the plains. Many of the guides in Tanzania have even mastered a variety of animal calls. Here’s a virtual lesson using a few of our favorites.


Lion Sounds with Freddy

After dark, it’s common to hear male lions roar as a warning to other creatures. That “roar” might sound different than what you imagine.


Hyena Sounds with Freddy

Hyenas are most active at night, but they don’t always travel as one large clan. When they’re far apart, they’ll call to one another with what sounds like a whoop. It’s one of the common noises you’ll hear after dark.


Ring-necked Dove Sounds with Babu

Tanzania hosts over 1,000 birds, many with unique calls. Most travelers on the Northern Safari Circuit will hear the ring-necked dove in the morning.


Hippo Sounds with Babu

As you drive past a hippo pool, you’re bound to hear a few snorts and what sounds like a guttural “laugh” mimicked by Babu in this video.

Believe it or not, that’s one of the sounds hippos make to warn away other animals; it’s a threat signal. They may seem idle and lazy, but hippos are one of the most dangerous safari creatures. There’s even a fair amount of evidence that hippos are occasionally carnivorous – just some food for thought.


Videos produced and directed by Thomson Safaris guest Brooke Sessions