Our Top 15 Safari Photos & Videos of 2022

Written by Thomson Safaris

best instagram photos of the year

Another year, another set of stunning snaps from Thomson Safaris guests. We’re counting down to the most popular Instagram photos and videos of 2022–all taken on Thomson trips!

Top 10 Photos

10. Maasai Woman

portrait of a Maasai woman in Tanzania

This photo by Ruth Grant tells a story of Tanzania’s people that we hear time and time again.


9. Zebras in Ngorongoro Crater

zebras in ngorongoro crater

Zebras greet a new day together in the lush haven of Ngorongoro Crater. Shot by Matt Gundersen.


8. Giraffe Silhouette

silhouette of giraffes in serengeti

A honey yellow Serengeti sunset strikes a phenomenal contrast with these silhouetted giraffes. Taken by Ken Rivard.


7. Lions on a Kopje

lions sleeping on kopje in serengeti tanzania

Michele McCormick found these (mostly!) lazy lions basking on a kopje on a sunny Serengeti day.


6. Elephants

closeup of elephants in tanzania

An estimated 2,500 elephants roam Tarangire National Park, and Ken Rivard photographed three in outstanding detail.


5. Summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro

summit sign on top of mount kilimanjaro

Thomson staffer Brittany snapped this sweeping shot of Mt. Kilimanjaro’s peak, complete with the summit sign, blustering clouds and glaciers.


4. Leopard’s Stare

leopard in serengeti national park tanzania

Piercing eyes, stunning spots, whiskers, ears and more; Danny Nestor’s image of an attentive leopard commands our gaze.


3. Three Rhinos

three rhinos in ngorongoro crater

Ngorongoro Crater is the best place on Earth to see the endangered black rhino. Don Toothaker was thrilled when not one, but three individuals got close enough for him to snap this gorgeous image.


2. Hippo with Calf

hippo yawn with calf in ngorongoro crater

Hippos are fiercely territorial–especially this one with her calf! Shot by Don Toothaker.


1. Giraffe with Zebras

young giraffe with zebras in serengeti

A zebra and a giraffe and a zebra! Scot Goetz had an eye for symmetry with this fun photo of some signature Serengeti wildlife.


Top 5 Videos

5. Kili Sunrise Song

WATCH FULL REEL 🎥 .  .  . .  .  .

A golden sunrise pierced the horizon as Jeff Hutcheson’s guides and porters sang in harmony to celebrate his achievement: reaching the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro!


4. Honeymoon Lions


Thomson Staffer Carolyn laughed when her fiancé asked if they would see a lion on their honeymoon safari in Tanzania. They saw many, many, many lions.


3. Zebras at Camp


When the guests are away, the zebras will play! Taken by Thomson staffer Ismail Sanga.


2. River Crossing


Thomson guide Freddy Mushi captured this video of over 100,000 wildebeest crossing the Mara River, a truly massive spectacle of nature.


1. Cheetah Cubs


Adorable cheetah cubs follow their hard-working mama through tall grasses in search of food. Taken by Thomson guide Hashim Kindu.


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